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Whenever I pack for a trip, I go into it with the best intentions. I’ll start by carefully folding my coat into one corner of the luggage, then tightly stack my jeans into another. I like to reserve one side of my suitcase for bulkier items like shoes and toiletries, while I use the other primarily for clothing. I’m always hopelessly optimistic (read: semi-delusional) that my strict packing process will somehow ensure that everything stays organized throughout the duration of my trip, and am left woefully disappointed when that doesn’t pan out — aka every single time I travel.

Before I departed on my most recent trip abroad, I knew I’d need a little extra help keeping all of my essentials organized. My itinerary involved traveling between Manchester and London, which meant I’d only have a couple days in each city — and even less time to unpack, repack, and repeat. As someone who frequently browses Amazon’s site, I’d seen these Amazon Basics Packing Cubes ($17, originally $22) pop up on more than one occasion. With more than 28,000 five-star reviews, they’re hailed as being some of the best packing cubes on Amazon thanks to their durable build, variety in sizes, and space-saving capabilities. They are designed to help even the most dysfunctional packers (it’s me, hi!) stay organized.

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Ahead, I break down what exactly makes these travel packing cubes so great — and why they’re ideal for all types of travelers.

What I Like About These Amazon Basics Packing Cubes

First and foremost, I appreciate the variety of available sizes, which ensures I can shop out the packing cubes best-suited to my luggage. Travel cubes I’ve previously tried have either been too small to fit any practical amount of clothes or too large to really make much of a difference within my suitcase. Fortunately, the medium size works great for a standard suitcase, with some extra room to spare for items I might not want packed away in the cubes — like toiletries or hair styling tools.

I also like that these Amazon packing cubes are made from a durable polyester material, which feels thick enough to handle packing bulkier items like shoes or chunky sweaters. The mesh top panel is another practical bonus and makes the cubes somewhat see-through. This has proven to be especially helpful whenever I’m unpacking my suitcase, as it allows me to easily see into the cubes and keep track of which items I have packed away in each.

What’s Worth Noting

While these travel cubes are functional and definitely helpful for packing a larger suitcase, they aren’t as compressive as other options I’ve tried. Each cube is made from a polyester material that boasts plenty of stretch — ensuring I can squeeze in as much as possible — but doesn’t necessarily shrink down when positioned in my suitcase. Some reviewers on Amazon’s site also noted that the mesh top panel shows wear quickly, with several users even noticing rips in the material after only a couple uses.

I’d argue that these medium-size packing cubes are best used in larger suitcases as opposed to carry-on luggage, simply because they aren’t particularly compressive. For something more compact, consider shopping out one of the smaller sizes. Additionally, it’s worth noting that these travel cubes cost much less than other variations on the market. While their affordability is a plus, if you’re looking for a travel set that’s more durable, I’d recommend purchasing another option.

Who Are These These Amazon Basics Packing Cubes Best For?

If you (like me) are hopelessly disorganized whenever you travel and need a little extra help keeping everything sorted, I can’t recommend these packing cubes enough. They help me carefully separate each product accordingly, whether I want to pack items by style or outfit. And their durable design ensures that all of my clothes are well-protected, regardless of where my travels take me.

Where Are These Amazon Basics Packing Cubes Available to Shop?

These packing cubes are available to shop at Amazon.

Additional Details

  • These Amazon packing cubes are available to shop in six different sizes, including: small, medium (my size of choice), large, and slim, among others.
  • The medium-size travel cubes have a capacity size of 16 ounces.
  • Unlike other styles, this set features a mesh top panel that makes it easier for users to identify the contents of each cube.
  • This set is available in several unique colorways, including gray, blue, black, and red.



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