Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years or so, you would have heard about Deliciously Ella, aka plant-based food writer, businesswoman and influencer Ella Mills. Recently, she shared her go-to range of ProCook saucepans she uses for testing, cooking and developing recipes when revealing her beautiful green kitchen.

Her choice was somewhat surprising for an influencer like her, we’re used to seeing a plethora of Always Pans (which Ella cooks with too, to be fair) and Le Creuset when it comes to celebrity chefs and foodies. But we were pleased to see her using one of our favourite affordable brands. We highly rate ProCook’s high-quality, but affordable pans and have previously included them in our list of best saucepan sets.

Deliciously Ella’s stainless steel ProCook saucepans

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