If you are a fan of the copper pan kitchen aesthethic but can’t afford to shell out on one or have the space to hang a set, we think we just found the ultimate alternative courtesy of Sarah Beeny – copper mugs!

In an interview with Ideal Home as part of a campaign with cleaning brand Dettol discussing the antibacterial properties of copper, the renowned property and interiors expert and TV presenter Sarah Beeny revealed that she has a set of beloved copper mugs that she loves. Ever since we’ve been daydreaming of updating our small kitchen ideas with a hanging rack of copper mugs (who needs fancy expensive pans anyway?).

‘I do have lots of things in copper, but we don’t use them that much. I’ve got copper mugs, which we use sometimes. But I mean, I love copper. It’s gorgeous. But it’s more for the eyes, more for decoration,’ Sarah says.

Sarah Beeny

(Image credit: Dettol)

If you’ve ever had to clean copper pans you’ll understand why you should go in wise to the fact that these copper buys are more an aesthetic purchase. ‘They do mark quite badly because copper marks with your hands. They’re hard to keep clean, you have to polish them a lot,’ Sarah says. But if you don’t mind that patina look on copper then you might disagree!

A kitchen with copper measuring cups and a mug hanging on a matching rail

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

The question of copper came up as part of the Dettol campaign Sarah took part in that created a copper collection of limited-edition Dettol Germ-Ware. This consisted of an all-copper TV remote control, a video game console controller and a phone case, referencing the household items that spread germs the most. Sadly, none of them are available for purchase.

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