Tucker Carlson has interviewed a Russian fascist philosopher whose ideas, he falsely brags, are “so dangerous” that “Amazon won’t sell his books.”

“Aleksandr Dugin is the most famous political philosopher in Russia,” the ousted Fox News host wrote in teasing the 20-minute interview he shared on X late Monday with a man dubbed “Putin’s brain” by some and dismissed as a fringe crackpot by others.

In hyping up Dugin, Carlson went on to stress that “the Ukrainian government murdered his daughter,” referring to Daria Dugina, who followed in her father’s footsteps and cheered on attacks on Ukraine until she was killed in a car bombing near Moscow in August 2022.

“His books have been banned by the Biden administration in the United States. You cannot buy them on Amazon,” Carlson stressed ahead of the interview.

Carlson claimed in a segment on Fox News back in October to have confirmed with Amazon that Dugin was “banned,” though at least four of his books are currently available on the Amazon website, albeit in Russian. One of his books is available in English for Kindle.

Carlson left out the fact that Dugin was sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Treasury in 2015 for helping to recruit people to fight on behalf of Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. (His daughter was also not simply an innocent bystander, but played an active role in pushing disinformation via a group linked to Yevgeny Prigozhin, according to U.S. intelligence.)

Bizarrely, none of this came up during the interview, and Carlson noted that he deliberately steered clear of questions about “Russia and Russian politics.”

Instead, Carlson opened the interview by asking Dugin what he thinks went wrong with English-speaking countries, prompting Dugin to launch into a rambling tirade about how “the Anglo-Saxon world” is largely responsible for liberalism and what he described as the abandonment of human identity in favor of things like transgenderism.

“What you’re describing is clearly happening, and it’s horrifying,” Carlson said, before commiserating briefly with Dugin about “self-described liberals” canceling him by banning his book.

Dugin then suggested that Hollywood movies like The Matrix and The Terminator give a good idea of what will happen to humanity in the future after liberalism has run its course.

“You have no bright, traditional future described in the films,” he said. “I don’t know any movie of the future, in the West, made about return to traditional life, the prosperity, the families with many children.”

“We have no other option. Either Matrix, or Artificial Intelligence, or something or Terminator,” he said.

But according to Dugin, there’s good news!

One man can rescue the world from turning into The Terminator: Vladimir Putin. “Putin is traditional leader,” he said, describing the Russian president as “someone with a nuclear weapon [who] stands strong defending traditional values.”

Carlson, throughout this all, furrowed his brow and nodded along as Dugin spoke, before noting the “very serious” hatred the West has for Putin.

It’s not clear when the interview was filmed, but just like Carlson’s interview with Putin in February, the sit-down with Dugin has already been seized upon by Russian propagandists. Kremlin-controlled media reported on Carlson hailing Dugin as the “most famous political philosopher in Russia” who has supposedly been persecuted by Ukraine.

The Dugin interview was also hailed on social media by pro-Kremlin bloggers who claimed it would help spread Russia’s conservative ideas throughout the West.

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