One thing that is sure to warm up any winter evening is a mug of hot chocolate, especially when you can whip one up in your own home. The Chocolatier is the iconic homeware brand Salter’s attempt to make that experience with one of the best milk frothers a little more affordable, with an RRP of £59 compared to more expensive alternatives (we’re talking about Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetiser, of course).

We love the Velvetiser here at Ideal Home, as well as more affordable dupes like the Aldi Hot Chocolate Maker, so we had to try this one out too. During testing, I found that The Chocolatier had more uses than just cocoa – it can also be used to froth milk for hot and cold drinks. You can also use dairy and plant milk with this appliance, making it great for sweetening up Veganuary.

The Chocolatier Electric Hot Chocolate Maker

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